Why Enter?

The last few years have been trying for everyone in business, reminding fund managers of the crucial need to be innovative and agile whilst protecting client capital and maintaining high quality performance. Winning a With Intelligence HFM US Performance Award is proof of your organization doing just that.

Why you should enter the With Intelligence HFM US Performance Awards:

  • Benefit from global exposure as you position your organization at the forefront of the industry.
  • Be judged by a rigorous process led by our expert judging panel, meaning your achievements are fairly recognized.
  • Take advantage of a peerless networking opportunity to meet and be seen with the highest achieving hedge funds, CTAs, and FoHFs in US.
  • Earn the ‘With’ seal of approval, a powerful asset to demonstrate your success to investors.
  • Shine at what you do, with a category for every strategy, ranging from credit and equity to macro and managed futures.
  • Gain a host of marketing assets you can use to demonstrate your leading position.
  • Reward your team with a fantastic evening at a grand ceremony hosted in New York.

A legacy of achievement

Having steadily grown in influence and reach over 16 years, the With Intelligence HFM US Performance Awards are now a prominent fixture in the hedge fund calendar. The Awards promote and reward excellence in our industry and provide a much-needed opportunity for shortlisted and winning firms to have their achievements celebrated in front of the industry and key investors. We’re delighted to be meeting back in person for the second year running, to celebrate, network, and entertain.

2022 Roll of Honor

Alternative Risk Premia

Versor Investments - ARP Alternative Return Capture

Global equity over $1bn

Citadel Global Fixed Income Fund - Citadel

Best 40 Act Fund

Infinity Core Alternative Fund -Infinity Capital Partners

Global equity under $1bn

Harvest Small Cap Partners No Street Capital

Best Digital Assets Fund

Twin Securities - Twin Capital Management

Global macro over $1bn

Haidar Jupiter - Haidar Capital Management

Commodities fund

Statar Capital - Statar Capital

Global macro under $1bn

AQR Global Macro Strategy - AQR Capital Management

Credit - distressed over $500m

STS Master Fund - Deer Park Road Management Company

Macro newcomer

Eagle's View Contrarian Macro Fund - Eagle's View Contrarian Advisors

Credit - distressed under $500m

Ellington Warlander Fund - Ellington Management Group

Macro long-term performance (5 years)

Massar Macro Commodity - Massar Capital Management

Credit Newcomer

Arena Special Opportunities Partners I - Arena Investors

Managed futures - newcomer

RL One - Rosetta Analytics

Credit - relative value over $500m

Saba Capital Master Fund - Saba Capital Management

Managed futures (CTA) long-term performance (5 years)

AlphaQuest Original (AQO) - Quest Partners

Credit - relative value under $500m

AIP Convertible Private Debt Fund - AIP Asset Management

Managed futures (CTA) over $1bn

AlphaSimplex Managed Futures Strategy Fund - AlphaSimplex

Credit long/short - over $500m

Millstreet Credit Fund -Millstreet Capital Management

Managed futures (CTA) under $1bn

Drury Diversified Trend-Following Program - Drury Capital

Credit long/short - under $500m

Ellington Warlander Fund - Ellington Management Group

Multi-strategy long-term performance (5 years)

Hudson Bay Fund LP and Hudson Bay International Fund - Hudson Bay Capital Management

Emerging markets fund

Sandglass Opportunity Fund Sandglass Capital

Multi-strategy over $1bn  

D. E. Shaw Composite Fund - The D. E. Shaw Group

Equity - newcomer

Altema Diversified Equity Market Neutral Fund - Altema Asset Management

Multi-strategy under $1bn

Double Black Diamond - Carlson Capital

ESG fund

Carbon Neutral Alpha Program (CNA) - Sigma Advanced Capital Management

Quantitative strategy over $1bn

Schonfeld Strategic Partners Fund -  Schonfeld Strategic Advisors

Event-driven over $1bn

NexPoint Merger Arbitrage Fund - NexPoint

Quantitative strategy under $1bn

ReSolve Evolution Multi-Strategy Futures Program - ReSolve Asset Management

Event-driven under $1bn

Caravel Capital Fund - Caravel Capital Investments

Sector specialist

Coast Capital Engaged Fund Coast Capital

Fund of hedge funds

Pinnacle Opportunity - Pinnacle Asset Management

US equity

New Paradigm Fund - New Paradigm Capital Management

Fund of hedge funds long-term performance (5 years)

Magnitude U.S. Partners -  Magnitude Capital  

US equity long-term performance (5 years)

Brightline Capital Partners -  Brightline Capital Management

Fund of hedge funds specialist

Pinnacle Natural Resources - Pinnacle Asset Management

Volatility fund

One River Risk Responders Fund - One River Asset Management

Global equity long-term performance (5 years)

Millennium USA - Millennium Management

Global equity over $1bn

Citadel Tactical Trading -Citadel  

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